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Magic Shows for Charitable Events, Fund-Raisers and Special Needs

Background & Mission

Throughout our career we often had the opportunity to give back with our performances for many charitable organizations and causes. While taking a hiatus for several years, our own life was touched by several issues, including cancer and autism. With our new act, now our focus is on giving back and using our talents to help organizations through events, fund-raisers or simply volunteering to bring smiles and laughter to those who need it most.

We are not a non-profit organization ourselves and do book full-price events throughout the year, however we place a priority on our charitable shows and volunteering with our talents. Also, we only perform part-time now and have limited availability throughout the year.

Guidelines for Donation and Discount Shows


  • Cost, if any, is determined on a case-by-case basis, and can range from full donation to various levels of discounts.

  • Other factors considered are any travel costs, fees and resources required.

  • We may require proof of non-profit status and a receipt for donated services.

  • Regular booked performances are held with a deposit. Donation shows may still require a refundable deposit or cancellation fee depending on the circumstances, because once we hold a date for you, we hold it and turn away other bookings for that date.

  • A contract is required for all bookings.


  • Please contact us for availability and details about your event/need.

  • Availability is not just based on whether we have a date open. Just like anyone who gives of their time and resources, (and that we are not a full-time business), we do reserve the right to limit donated shows to those causes we feel most passionate about. 

Types of Organizations

Please contact us to tell us about your organization/need. Since we are donating our time and resources, we do place priority on causes that are near and dear to us, such as those that serve children and health issues. However, we will consider any non-profit organization for donation or discount.

Special Needs Birthdays & Private Parties

Though we no longer perform for children’s birthday parties, we do make an exception for children with special needs. Having a child with special needs ourselves, we understand and will customize a show that will bring fun and laughter to their special day.